Track a Cheating Spouse Track a cheating spouse with cell phone tracker and find out the truth once and for all. There are times when you feel as if your spouse is acting strangely. You might feel as if they are becoming more irritable when you ask where they have been or who they have been talking to late at night. You might even notice that your spouse is spending more time at the office compared to your home. These signs may be enough to raise the alarm on your head but of course, you need to find out first whether there is anything for you to worry about. Instead of risking getting caught when sneaking around and trying to steal your spouse’s phone just to peruse its contents, why not borrow their phone and install cell phone tracker software instead?

Cell phone tracker software can help you find out where your spouse is at the moment. If they tell you they are at work, you will be able to determine whether they are telling the truth or not. The cell phone tracker software makes use of GPS technology to spot the exact location of your spouse through their cell phone. This is quite handy especially when you want to know whether they are indeed where they say they are or not.

Another reason why you should consider using cell phone tracker software is that it can do more than just track down the whereabouts of your spouse. If you have been itching to know what other activities your spouse is busying themselves with the cell phone tracker will help you out. When you install this software into your spouse’s phone, it will immediately begin recording all cell phone activities happening in it.

Cell Phone Tracker Here are some features available when you use cell phone tracker.

Record all incoming and outgoing text messages including messages that have been deleted.

Record all calls including date, time and duration along with the number of the other party.

Record all photos and videos taken using your spouse’s phone.

Record all calendar events stored in the target phone.

Record exact location of your spouse through GPS tracking.

Record any emails sent and received.

These features are not the only ones you can take advantage of when you choose to install cell phone tracker software into your spouse’s phone. If you choose to opt for the newer version of cell phone tracker you will also be able to intercept calls and even listen to the surroundings just be sending an SMS to your spouse’s phone. As you can see, the features mentioned above will give you a pretty good idea what your spouse has been up to and whether there is a third party that you need to know about.

Its difficult to really say what is the Best Cell Phone Tracker.  This is because not only are there so many options.  You must keep in mind the type of cell phone you want to track.  There is Android Tracking Software, Nokia Tracking Software, iPhone Tracking Software and even Blackberry Tracking Software.

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