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Tracker for iPhone Best Cell Phone Tracker for iPhone

If you are planning on spying on someone’s cell phone stealthily, you need the best cell phone tracker for iPhone today. There are vendors selling cell phone trackers to help people keep a close watch on their loved ones or their employees without giving away their motives. Before, tracking someone’s exact location may take about 10 to 15 minutes intervals which doesn’t exactly help especially if you want to track them in real time. Fortunately, application manufacturers have come up with newer versions that are ideal for cell phone tracking.

Mobile Spy LIVE

This particular cell phone tracker software gives you the ability to monitor someone’s cell phone activities live as long as it has Mobile Spy installed in it. Picture this. You are viewing the target iPhone’s screen as if you are there aside from getting an accurate hit on their exact location. Aside from being able to do this, other features that you can get out of Mobile Spy LIVE is remotely access the controls of the target iPhone using different SMS commands.

Here are the features that you can gain from Mobile Spy LIVE.

View the screen – You can actually see the screen of the target iPhone where it is updated every 90 seconds.

Initiate SMS or Call – You can make a call normally using the number you encode.

GPS Tracking – You can find out the exact location of the target iPhone in an instant.

LIVE Control Panel – You can connect to the target iPhone to perform various commands or monitoring LIVE.

SMS Commands – This software enables you to send SMS commands for Wipe Data, GPS locate, SIM Info, Lock and others.

Send Logs to Your Email – You can receive all logs direct to your email.

Phone Tracker for iPhone These features are just a few among those basic ones you often see in other cell phone tracker programs out there like reading text messages both incoming and outbound ones, calls that have been received and made, access to browser history, copy all photos and videos taken and received, and even full access to the target’s phone book.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when planning on getting Mobile Spy LIVE is that this software is just an add-on. This means that you need to have the original spy software from Mobile Spy before installing this cell phone tracker program. In order to use this program, you need to purchase it at less than $40.

If this is your first time to use a cell phone tracker software, you need to purchase both Mobile Spy and Mobile Spy LIVE. This will cost you a little over $120 but it will be well worth the price especially when you get to monitor the other party’s cell phone with ease.

There is no doubt that for those who are looking for the best cell phone tracker for iPhone should include this particular brand in their list. Based on the numerous features mentioned above, there is no way you can find another cell phone tracker that has all these amazing features at your disposal.

Its difficult to really say what is the Top Mobile Phone Tracker Software.  This is because there are so many options.  You need to keep in mind the type of mobile phone you want to track.  There is Android Tracking Software, Nokia Tracking Software, iPhone Tracking Software and even Blackberry Tracking Software.

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The ability to track another person’s cell phone can come in handy to many people. Fortunately, for those who are interested in cell phone tracking, this can be easier than they may imagine if they invest in the right mobile phone tracker apps. This is because with mobile phone tracker apps, mobile phone tracking is very simple. Even individuals who know very little about technology can use these user friendly tracking apps to find the exact location of another person’s cell phone.


Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps for Android Cell Phones

There are a few different reasons why you may be wanting to use a cell phone tracker program, these mobile phone tracker apps are great for:

  • Employers wanting to make sure their employees are where they are supposed to be during business hours.
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends who want to know where their significant other is.
  • Those who are worried about losing their cell phone or getting their phone stolen.
  • Spouses who suspect their partner is going somewhere they shouldn’t be.
  • Parents who want to know their child’s exact location if they are out past curfew.

These are just a few of the many people who use mobile phone tracker apps every day. There is really no Best phone tracker for Android.  While there are many different types of cell phone tracker applications on the market, many individuals are looking for Android tracking apps. This is because Android phones are some of the most common on the market. If you are looking to track someone who has an Android phone its is important that you get tracking apps for Android phones not just a general smart phone app. It is important that you know the application you download will specifically work with android phones.

There are a few different Android GPS tracking apps on the market but in order to make sure that you get the right cell phone tracker for you, you will want to make sure that you read reviews on the product first. There are many quality cell phone tracker programs on the market, but there are also many cell phone tracking apps that are scams as well. If you ever see an advertisement for a free cell phone tracker then you will want to proceed with caution. This is because there is no such thing as a cost-free cell phone tracker and many of these offers are actually scams and can leave you with viruses.

This is why when you are looking for Android mobile phone tracker apps you will want to take the time to make sure you are choosing the right one. If you do, you can end up with an easy to use program that will give you the exact coordinates of another person’s cell phone, no matter where they may be. With mobile phone tracker apps designed specifically for Android phones, you are sure to be able to find out just where any Android phone user is, and you can track their location right from your home.

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There are many cell phone tracking apps out there. Each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes down to how to track a cell phone. Mobile phone tracking isn’t just about cell phone GPS tracking; you can monitor phones you own or have control of with different options suited to your needs.

Best Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

One of the best cell phone tracker apps for parents is from Phone Sheriff. This mobile phone tracking software has multiple benefits parents will love to keep tabs on tweens, teens and young college students. While software from providers such as Mobistealth and Mobile Spy have cell phone tracking features parents may want, Phone Sheriff has more options:

  • blocking specific phone numbers completely or only via SMS, text or voice (inbound and outbound)
  • set keywords and receive notice when these keywords are contained in SMS, text or email (personal information, offensive language, sexual language)
  • locking the phone during various time periods to avoid use, or locking down specific features
  • real time notification of the phone location or notices sent at automated intervals

Best Phone Tracking Softwre for Employers

Employers with multiple phones want cell phone tracking software they can use on every phone. One such provider is Spy Bubble. The reason this software is best for employers is the one time charge to get the software. After you have access to the software, and the user interface, you can download the app to each of your phones. You then only pay a per use charge similar to a per call charge. Other advantages include:
seeing phone numbers making contact with each phone (inbound and outbound) as well as how often, when and for how long.

  • having text messages logged into your user account as they are created (inbound and outbound) so there is a record even if the text or email is erased from the phone
  • uploading all photos sent to, or from, the phone to your user interface online
  • creating a log of all URL’s visited using each cell phone
  • cell phone tracking online using Google Maps to locate employees


Best Way to Track a Cell Phone Location

GPS tracking cell phone apps can provide a variety of use depending on how specific the tracking needs to be. While you can use Google Earth or Google Latitude as a free cell phone tracking service, they are not as accurate as the paid apps. To track cell phone locations with pinpoint accuracy you want something like the app from Stealth Genie. The options available include:

  • seeing the current location of the phone on a map in your user interface in real time
  • access to a location history for a given day
  • set up specified boundaries around an area, then receive notice when the phone enters or leaves that area
  • mark areas or locations of potential problems such as bars, buildings or neighborhoods then receive notice as the phone nears those marked locations

Cell phone tracking can be as specific as you need it to be once you find the right software. Most providers allow for a monthly or yearly subscription to their service so you can stop using it as needed.

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Nokia Cell Phone Tracker Nokia Cell Phone Tracker

Tracking a cell phone shouldn’t be too hard to do especially when it is a Nokia cell phone because you only need to look for Nokia cell phone tracker to help you out. There is one software program that you can trust and this is Mobile Spy.

Mobile Spy may have features that are similar to Flexi Spy with minor variations. Although there are some features found in Flexi Spy that cannot be found in this software, there are new features that are worth checking out.

To sum it up, Mobile Spy has all the features you can find in Flexi Spy with the exception of interception of live calls and remote monitoring. Mobile Spy has the ability to track a Nokia cell phone using GPS tracking and also give you access to text messages and call history. There are two things that separate this software to Flexi Spy and these are listed below.

• Photos – This feature in Mobile Spy allows you to snap photos recorded in the Nokia phone. If the user takes photos using their cell phone, everything will be recorded so you can view them later on. Compared to other cell phone tracker out there, this software is the only one that has this feature.

• Price – Mobile Spy is more affordable compared to its competitor, Flexi Spy. Its 3 month license is priced at $49.97 while FlexiSpy is priced at $149.97 for its annual license. FlexiSpy doesn’t offer 3 months license which is its only drawback.

Like it was mentioned before, there are several features that you can enjoy with Mobile Spy.

Nokia Tracker Here’s an overview of them.

• View photos – you can monitor all photos taken by the Nokia phone.

• View text messages – you can secretly spy on all incoming and outgoing text messages stored in the Nokia phone you are monitoring.

• GPS tracking – find out where the Nokia user using GPS tracking by Mobile Spy.

• View call history – know who they have been in contact with including date, time and duration.

You see? These features offered by Mobile Spy will give you enough information about the cell phone activities of your target. Everything will be captured, stored and sent to your online account with Mobile Spy. Why bother getting those expensive spy software programs when this cell phone tracker alone can do the job for you at reduced prices? For sure, you will save more while getting a much better idea on what the other party is doing while you are away.

Its difficult to really say what is the Top Mobile Phone Tracker Software.  This is because there are so many options.  You need to keep in mind the type of mobile phone you want to track.  There is Android Tracking Software, Nokia Tracking Software, iPhone Tracking Software and even Blackberry Tracking Software.

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Track a Cheating Spouse

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Mobile Phone Tracker Software

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